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Stingray City Sandbar

Duncan’s Stingray City Adventures usually makes its first stop at the Stingray City Sandbar which is located in the middle of the North Sound. It is home to approximately 60 large southern stingrays. The stingrays started to flock to this area about 50 years ago when the local boat captains started to clean their fish at the sandbar. This was a source of food for the stingrays and so they would come there everyday for their meals. This is when everyone started to interact with the stingrays which has continued to today. The stingrays at the sandbar are very friendly and accustomed to human interaction. This tour is well suited to the entire family. You can feed and play with the stingrays in 3-4 feet of crystal clear water. We will provide you with the squid to feed the stingrays for anyone interested in doing so. Our well-trained crew will lift the stingray and allow you to pet them.

Coral Gardens/Barrier Reef

Coral Gardens/Barrier Reef

We normally make our second stop at the Coral Gardens or the Barrier Reef. The Coral Gardens is a fantastic snorkeling site with a depth of 8-10 feet of crystal clear water. Here you will be surrounded by a wide array of tropical fish and amazing coral. If you are not a strong swimmer, we will give you a life vest to make it as comfortable and safe as possible. We also have a life ring that extends 125 feet behind the boat that you can hold onto at any time. The Barrier Reef is another snorkeling stop that Duncan’s Stingray City Adventures makes. There are also tropical fish and coral at the Barrier Reef. Due to the sharp edges of the coral, for your safety, we are not allowed to go in less than 3-4 feet of water.

Adults $35 Children $30 and under 3 years free